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Zebu Black & White Scarf

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The Zebu scarf, in merino wool is soft and silky. It will go perfectly with a chic and trendy outfit in the evening. This scarf is to be worn with an elegant and sober look. Wrapped delicately around the neck or placed on the shoulders imitation shawl, it will give you confidence. 

The Merino is a breed of sheep originating mainly from Australia, whose dense and curly coat gives a generous and comfortable wool, elastic and resistant. Three times finer than traditional wool, it does not sting. It is so soft and silky that it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. It is also very insulating and temperature regulating.

This scarf was made cruelty-free to animals. Characteristics - Dimensions: 60 cm x 200 cm - Material: 100% Merino wool - Environmentally friendly dyes - Hand wash in cold water - Delicate ironing - Do not bleach - Contains no dyes azo - Complies with the REACH standard - Fairtrade products (WFTO).

Made in Ethiopia