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Star sneaker

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We all love to feel like a star and these are legit worthy of feeling like you have it together. Momma we know you may have just realized you forgot to pack the class snack for today...BUT YOU'VE got this sister! Grab those fruit snacks...not the organic don't have TIME for that. The ones you know are on the end cap possibly close to the Pino and HERE YOU GO! the rockstar mom you are. 😉 Just like the rest of us!

What to wear with these? These babies go with denim to dresses! Maybe your daughter hates heels and prom is around the corner? BOOM! You are killin it mom!!

Sizes are in whole sizes. We suggest sizing down (8.5 would wear an 8) BUT we are also cool with admiting when we are we'll swap them for you if you aren't feeling the size too!