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Creating a Capsule Wardrobe.

1. Denim Darling.....

You need to have an amazing pair of jeans! And I'm not saying a pair that made you feel great once. I mean THE PAIR.  You would swim across shark infested waters to get them because we all know you booty is on POINT in them.  Denim will always be in ALWAYS, so this is something that you don't have to be scared to invest in.  

2.  Button Up with style

If you watched Housewives of Beverly Hills you know Lisa V. She always looked on point and never under-dressed.  That is exactly what a great button up shirt will do.  You don't have to only do white either. If you have a color that makes your eyes sing, grab that! But you will never look more chic that with a great CRISP white button up!

3. You don't have to ride a Motorcycle to wear the Jacket!

That's right! There is no demographic that doesn't look amazing in a Moto Jacket.  Adding a touch of cool to any outfit.  This jacket isn't just for the bikers and punk rockers anymore. The COOL MOM & Cool AF Fashionista is rocking this NOW!

4. Suit UP! Or at least grab the Blazer.

With the pandemic behind us (we all hope), going into the office is now something we are all doing. (Or we are looking that way on the top half if you are still owning the zoom meeting arena) We want you to have a fabulous suit that fits you like a glove! WHY? Because if it fits well it doesn't have to be expensive to LOOK expensive! An ill fitting suit only makes it look like you borrowed a bad day from someone else. Not sure what color to go for? Black or a Dark Navy are always on point. 


5. Sneakers, Tennies, Tennis Shoes....You need a pair! 

I feel like you're getting a mental image of what you need. NOW this isn't a running shoe. It's a shoe that has a flat step to the shoe and the majority of the shoe is white. (Adidas, Nike, & Converse are great examples) This will look cool AF with your suit or with a crisp button up and those jeans the sharks couldn't keep you aways from. And look HOT! 

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